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Breast Feeding And Working Mothers

Breast feeding is an inseparable part of giving birth to a child. It is considered the most natural way to feel the baby. All the doctors advise the mother to feed the child with their own milk for at least 9 to 10 momths, as the mother’s milk constitutes a wholesome diet for the delicate little baby. However, many mothers are troubled about how will they continue breastfeeding their baby once they return to work.

Advantages of breastfeeding:

In today’s society, women are considered at par with men. Most women are working in offices and managing their homes as well. When a little baby enters the family, the responsibilities of the mother become manifold. She has to take care of the baby, manage the work and home front, and not to forget, take care of herself as well. Normally, most women want to continue breastfeeding even when they start working again. This is because not only does it keep the baby healthy and away from diseases, but also maintains a strong bond between the mother and the baby. Breast feeding is the most common way of feeding a child, andkeeps away from the hassles of formula based infant food, which is a concern for a working mother because it might not suit the baby.

Possible solution to feed your child:

Women may try to take breaks during their work hours to feed the child. For this, they either have to take the baby with them to the workplace, or leave the baby at a childcare centre located nearby. However, this is not possible in many situations.

Breast pumping: the easiest method:

The most popular method that can be adapted by working mothers to ensure that their baby consumes their milk is pumping. There are advanced electric pumps available in the market that let you pump milk from the breasts so that you can store the milk and feed the baby even in your absence. It can be a good way to keep you and your baby connected, even though you are way. But, it requires a lot of planning and thought in advance.

Pre –requisites of starting breast pumping:

Before starting breast pumping, contact your boss to ensure you have a room to yourself where you can complete the process with no one to intrude your privacy. Also, one need to determine the baby’s one time requirement of milk so that you know how much milk would be sufficient for the time you are away.

It is important that you create a strong bond between you and your baby during the time before joining your office again. Breastfeed often during the maternity leave and avoid bottles and other foods which might confuse the baby. This is done to ensure that your milk supply does not decrease. Also, before joining work, practice breast pumping often so that you and your baby become accustomed to the process.

Features and requirements:

Most of the breastfeeding pumps come with batteries that they can be easily charged at work place. You should have permission to take breaks for approximately 20 minutes every 3 to 4 hours to collect and store the milk. It is important that you have access to a clean, private room to meet your needs. You can also carry a picture of your baby to help you concentrate. Breast pumping at the same place each day will also aid in having a good milk supply. Apart from this, the office must have facilities like a small refrigerator for you to keep the milk cool in storage bottles until you return home. You must also carry an extra pair of clothes and use breast pads to save yourself from embarrassment in case the milk leaks.

You can still share the same bond with your baby:
Ask the baby’s nurse to feed the baby at appropriate intervals and in the right amount. Also, make a feeding schedule such that when you return from office, you can soon feed the baby on your own naturally. This will ensure that you and your baby share the same love as earlier.

You are definitely taking a right step for your baby’s health by deciding to continue breastfeeding after returning to work. With some practice and planning, there will be no hitches in the process and it will only make your baby and your bond much stronger.

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