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Easily Display Your Profile Picture In Google Search Results

Every blogger want's to display his own profile picture in Google search results.I was also trying for same thing from last few months and finally just yesterday I saw my own profile pic. in Google search results for my blog search results.If any user search for any content on google and if your blog have similar content then result for your blog will little different from other results.Google will show your profile pic. of (44 by 44pixels) with your name and which will linked to your Google+ profile.Here in this post I am revealing all that steps that helps me to display my profile pic. in Google search result.Just follow my steps carefully and correctly.

How To Display Profile Pic. In Google Search Results?

For better understanding I am dividing this tutorial in below steps just follow them carefully.

  1. Replacing Blogger Profile With Google+ Profile
  2. Adding Your Google+ Profile Link In Your Template
  3. Adding Google+ Profile Link In About Us Page
  4. Testing Your Settings

Step 1: Replacing Blogger Profile With Google+ Profile

First you have to add your blog links in your Google+ about page.This can be done by replacing your blogger profile with your Google+ profile.To replace your blogger profile with your Google+ profile follow below steps.
  • First go to this page
  • Now scroll down and accept their terms and conditions by ticking on the check box
  • Hit the Switch Now button and you redirect to another page

    • Here you have to select the blogs to add to Google+ about page,select your main blogs and finally hit the ADD BLOGS buttons.
    Click On Image To Enlarge
    Now you have completed this step,let's go to next step.

    Step 2: Adding Your Google+ Profile Link In Your Template

    Now in this step you have to tell Google that I am author of this blog.For this you have to add a link to your Google + profile in your template,follow below steps

    • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template
    • Now find for below tag in your template


    add below code just below of above code

    <link href='' rel='author'/>

    replace 106527290580119996124 with your Google + profile ID.

    Step 3: Adding Google+ Profile Link In About Us Page

    Now add below link in your about us page.

    <a href="" rel="author" target="_blank">Follow Me On Google+</a>

    replace 106527290580119996124 with your Google + profile ID.

    Step 5: Testing Your Settings

    • Now go to Rich Snippets Tool page.
    • Enter your blog URL and hit the Preview button.
    • You will see something like this on your rich snippets tool

    Click On Image To Enlarge

    All the lines in Green color indicates that your Authorship and Publisher markup has been verified.

    Now allow 48 hours or more for Google web-crawlers to crawl your pages again, so that the your profile pic. start appearing.It can also take even more than 48 hours sometimes.

    I hope you will enjoyed this tutorial.

    Best Of Luck....

    Sameera ChathurangaAbout Author Shoyab Khan

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    Thank You


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