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How to Add a Pop Up to Your Website [Tutorial]

Pop up windows can be useful to your website design. Sure, sometimes they are used for annoying advertisements but many times, you want to bring something valuable to the website viewer’s attention. Do you know how to write the code for a pop up box? Even further, do you know how to put the code into the WebStarts free website builder? You probably don’t… and even if you do, I’m going to show you an extremely easy and free way to create a pop up box and add it to your website. Use the following steps to add a pop up to your website:

Step 1: Head over to the pop up box generator at
Step 2: Fill out the parameters for the pop up. Width and Height will be the dimensions of the pop up once it loads. ‘PosTop’ and ‘PosLeft’ will be the position of the pop up once it loads. Therefore, a 0 in both fields will generate a box at the top left of the screen. Type and Content can be left as is.
Step 3: Enter the URL you’d like to load in your pop up in the ‘TheURL’ field. If you want the WebStarts home page to load in the pop up, enter ‘’ in the ‘TheURL’ field.
Step 4: Click the ‘Quick Look’ button to see the pop up on that page. You can tweak the parameters a little bit more before finishing. Once you are satisfied with the look, click ‘Make Popup Code’.
Step 5: Highlight all of that code and copy it using ctrl + V or right clicking and choosing ‘copy’.
Step 6: In your WebStarts editor, click the ‘Insert’ button, then choose ‘HTML Code’. Paste the code into the box and click ‘Ok’. An empty box will show up on your page. You can move that anywhere out of your way and save your page. Now, the pop up will load when someone goes to that page.
Note: To remove the pop up, you will have to find that empty box on your page and delete it so remember where you put it!
Make a free website at and stick around for more helpful tutorials like this one.

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