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How to apply for a job at facebook

Hi friends. So far you might have use Facebook to be connected with your friends. But have you ever thought of working at Facebook? Sounds amazing? Yes folks Facebook is now hiring. They want to develop even more!!. They keep on developing and creating the different ways and different technologies to make the people to connect all over the world and to be care on each other. The only thing you need to be possessed with is to have a head to think really different. You know what! working at Facebook is like adding a feather to your hat. Because, you will get a comfort way of life with an encouraging environment to make you think even more better. They want the peoples like software engineers, product management, design engineers, sales and business development, technical operation, HR, product marketing and even online operations. So you have number of chances to go ahead.
And now, I am going to tell you how to apply for the jobs in Facebook. Ok here we go. First go and get logged in. or it is at the home page of Facebook, see all the way down and get logged in. That is the home page for the Facebook careers. Take a look at this.
facebook careers home
  You can choose any kind of jobs that you like to apply. Before applying you would like to look at the benefits right? So to see the benefits click ‘Benefits + perks’. You will have all the benefits at Facebook for employees. And if you want to see the life that you going to live in facebook, Have a look Video demo of ‘life at Facebook which is explained by the employees at Facebook and CEO of Facebook as well.
Now, I am going to guide you about how to apply for a job at Facebook. we shall take an example of applying for software engineer job at Facebook. but it has no of diversities in it. First click the ‘Careers’ option. And click ‘Software Engineer’. You have no of classification in it. Now select one among them. For example, we select ‘development support engineer’.  So click on to it.  Then you will have the requirements and your responsibilities. Go through it and decide whether you are capable of applying it or not. If you think you are capable of applying to this position, go ahead, click ‘apply for the position’.
Facebook Apply for this position
After clicking in you will get the application form to apply. There you can add your additional informations. Your name, job position, your contact no, your mail id will be automatically generated. If you wish to change it, sure you can change it as well. And you can upload your resume there. By clicking ‘choose file’ option. You can also manage your attachments.
Facebook submit application
After everything done. Click ‘submit application’. Or if you can also directly mail your resume to their mail id Now your job done!!
You have applied for a job at Facebook!!!. that’s amazing right? You don’t have to worry about the partiality in giving opportunities for the applicants. They will give equal opportunities for all, and they wont consider the applicant’s races, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, family status etc.  hope it is worthy and helpful for you all. All the best folks.
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