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How to change default search engine in firefox

Firefox is the browser with comes with the default search engine as BING, but we globally and mostly use GOOGLE for our needs. Today i will teach you how to change the default search engine in Firefox. The Firefox have Address bar and Search box. We always used to search our queries in Address bar not on the Search box mostly.
Firefox Search
You can notice that dedicated search box allows you to change the default search engine, You can change in ‘Manage Search Engines” but it only changes the Search box not the Address bar. Its easy to change the default search engine in Search box but its complicated to change the search engine in Address bar.
Step 1:
Open the New Tab or Window in your Firefox and type about:config into the address bar and clickENTER. It will take your to the Config Page of the Firefox, which says ‘ This might void yourwarranty. Don’t care about warranty,because doesn’t have one. This page is the advanced settings of the Firefox browser. Its for Advanced Users, so you should not mess with any stuffs without knowing. Don’t worry for this step i will guide you, so go ahead and click ‘I’ll be Carefull, I promise!’ button.
About Config

Step 2:
Now you can see lots of list with Codes in the page and you can see the Filter box, in that typeKEYWORD.URL. Now you can see the only one Keyword is shown in the page.  Right Click on it and Click MODIFY.
Keyword url
Step 3:
After Clicking Modify, Small popup box will appear, in that you can see default Bing URL, All you need to erase it and Paste the following URL which you need as default.
  • For Google:
  • For Bing:
  • For Yahoo:
If you need you can replace the with your Regional Google domain. (ex., Even you can use your custom search engine, but all you need to type correct URL code, otherwise it will lead to error. After entering the URL, Click OK button.
Keyword.url Click Ok
Thats all, Changes made will take effect immediately, so open your new tab or window and type the Search query in your Address bar and enjoy your favorite Default Search Engine :) . Your Default Search Engines may change while installing some Toolbar to your Browser. So You have to do this steps again, if it changed by the annoying tool bars.
Any Doubts, Watch our Video Tutorial
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