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How to Change your Email ID on Facebook Account

Facebook a vital social media which makes lots of fun by connecting people and friends. Every one start using the Facebook without knowing what exactly what it mean. Some people use their main email account or alternative email for the Facebook, you can change your Email of your Facebook anytime from your Facebook settings.
Facebook email
The email id is the unique way to organize your Facebook account, which can be used for Log-in and get the updates from the Facebook to your mail inbox. If you face by the situation of changing your email address used on the Facebook. I came across some people who create a new profile only for the reason of changing the Email address. In case if you are annoyed by the email notifications sent from the Facebook, its one of the common reason to change the email mostly. But you have a solution to stop email notification from your Facebook account, Read How to Stop Email Notifications from Facebook Account
We can simply change the Email address for  the existing profile of your Facebook account settings.
Click the Account Settings link available Under the drop down arrow near Menu.
It will take you to the General Account Settings page. In that you can see many options like Name, Username, Email and More. If you don’t have your username, Read How to Create Username for your Facebook profile.
Click Edit link available on the adjacent side of the Email. The page Expands with the options.

4 simple steps to Add your new Email address to the existing Facebook Account

  • Enter the email address you want to add.
  • Type the password and click save changes button.
  • Click the verification link sent to the mail address.
  • Make the newly added email address as a primary email.

If you need to add more emails to your account you can click on the Add another email link to add the additional email address to your account. A verification mail will be sent to your all newly added email address for the confirmation. So confirm the emails to take effect in your Facebook account.

Just open your email inbox on your newly added email. You can see a verification mail from Facebook, if else check your spam folder too.  Open the mail and click the link which present on the mail to verify your email. After completed the task of adding new email address to the existing Facebook account.
Now your Facebook Account Settings page opens and shows all your new email address along with the old one in email section.
Now you can make the newly added email address as primary email, which is used for further communication and for the Login as well. If you want to remove the email address, just simply click theRemove option available near the Email address.
Click on the Save Changes Button to save the changes what ever you have done. Login into the Facebook using the new Email address. Have Fun.

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