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How to Configure Micromax 3g Modem on Ubuntu 12.10

The latest version of Ubuntu is 12.10 (Quantum Quetzal) which comes with lots of updates when compared with its previous version, Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS). The drivers for most of the hardwares are available in the Ubuntu itself, but they may have some conflict while automatically configuring them. It is always a problem with the USB modem to configure automatically. So you have to do it manually. The people who are new to Ubuntu will just switch from that Operating System because of these types of small issues. It is very simple to fix these problems. Here I am going to explain how to configure Micromax 3g USB modem manually.
 Some may try lots of things with Ubuntu’s configuration file. There is no need for doing that much. It can be simply achieved in 4 steps.
  1. Finding the Product ID of the USB Modem
  2. Editing the content of  Modules 
  3. Editing the content of usb_modeswitch.d
  4. Create a mobile Broadband connection

1. Finding the Product ID of the USB Modem

It is very simple to find the product ID of the Modem.
  • Plugin the USB modem to the Computer
  • Open the Terminal (ctrl+alt+t)
  • Type the command lsusb (This lists the active USB devices connected to the computer along with the Product ID and the Vendor name)
  • Make a note of the Product ID and Vendor name
Find the 1c9e:9605 OMEGA TECHNOLOGY - This is the Product ID and Vendor name for the Micromax MMX352G Modem which is just for the demonstration.  Kindly remove all other USB devices because you might get confusion of all devices, only Plugin the USB modem. So you can find only USB modem device in the list. (The ID and the Name may differ according to the model)

2. Editing the content of  Modules

  • In the Terminal, type the following command to edit the “modules” file
                     sudo gedit /etc/modules
                     (Type your administrator password if it asks for)
  • Text editor opens the modules file. Clear all the content and replace it with new content shown below:

                 # /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time.
                 # This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded
                 # at boot time, one per line. Lines beginning with “#” are ignored.
                 usbserial vendor=0x1c9e product=0×9605
(Change the vendor and product value if it is different for your USB modem, You can get this values in 1step Terminal window)
  • Save the changes and close it.

3. Editing the content of usb_modeswitch.d

  • In Terminal, type the command
                    gksudo gedit /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/1c9e:9605
The command opens the text file with the above mentioned name in the text editor.
  • Add the following lines to that file and save it.
                    DefaultVendor = 0x1c9e
                    DefaultProduct = 0×9605
                    TargetVendor = 0x1c9e
                    TargetProduct = 0×9605
  • Close the text editor
(These values are only for the Micromax MMX352G Model. Change the values as per your device if you are using the different one)
  • Execute these commands in the terminal as root user to configure the modem.
                    modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1c9e product=0×9605 
                    usb_modeswitch -c /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/1c9e\:9605

  1. Use the Command su in the terminal for login as root user. Enter your root password and finish the login
  2. If you are new to root not yet assigned a password for the root user, Use the command sudo passwd to assign or change the password for the root Accoutnt

4.Create a mobile Broadband connection

  • Open Network Connection Manager. You can open it by selecting Edit Connection from thedropdown menu which appears on clicking the network icon on the top right corner of the desktop (or) open the Dash Home and search for ”Network Connection” (or) select it from the Applications -> Customization -> Network Connection.
  • Click the Add button on the Mobile Broadband tab
  • Create a new mobile broadband connection using the wizard appeared. Add the appropriate country, service providerplan and just finish the wizard after selecting the appropriate name for the connection. (Be careful in selecting the plan)
  •   Restart the PC without unplugging the USB modem.

Connect using the Mobile Broadband.

  • After restarting process finish the login and wait for few minutes. It would take some time to configure so please be patient.
  • The new mobile broadband connection is visible and available on the network connection list.
  • Connect to the Internet by clicking on that.
Now your Internet is Connected with your USB Modem. If you have any doubt, drop your questions in comment box.
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