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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic by using Google

Getting traffic and making your blog becomes a popular blog in your chosen niche depend mostly on one thing and that thing is how your website stands on top popular search engines. Google being the number one search engine giant throughout the world is one of the best platforms for bloggers to drive traffic to their respective blogs so far the blogger in question knows well how to do it successfully. Optimizing your blog for search engine, especially Google will help you get more traffic and regular visitors to your blog on regular basis than using any other technique that aren’t going to give you better result for a very long period of time.
I have in this article three useful technique to use if you want to increase your website traffic worth and if you want to make sure that you keep on getting more people coming to your blog on regular basis for the sake of reading all what you’ve got to share with them.
Guest Post for other blogs
Taking some time out of those tight schedules of yours to write guest posts for other blogs in your niche will help you drive more people from search engines to your website than using any other unfruitful means which promises nothing than failure.
Make it a point of duty to have a schedule guest posting plan in place so that you can keep on building good and quality backlinks to your website on regular basis. Upon writing for others, you should make sure that you’re writing what will make people sees you as an expert in the field you’re writing about. You should make them see you that you have all it takes and not to see you as someone who’s appearing in another man’s shadow.
Write Often on Your Blog and be Friendly with others
One of the major factors that can make your guest blogging efforts counts is when you let Google bots see your website the way it supposed to be. When you guest posts on other blogs and you didn’t update your website on regular basis, which means you don’t have what it takes to occupy the position you are targeting on Google and even some other search engines like Yahoo and countless others.
Google loves to rate a blog that have latest and updated contents every time and if you’re not having latest and hottest content on your blog, Google might decide not to rank the site better since the bot weren’t be able to crawl anything on the blog at that particular time.
Do link exchange and avoid bad sites
One of the thing that can make it hard for you as a blogger to excel is when you don’t have more blogs pointing to your own websites on regular basis. And to do continuous linking from other blogs, you need to have a mutual relationship with other bloggers in your niche. Getting your links published on other blogs isn’t a small task also, so you need to contact other bloggers to help you linkback to your blog and in return you link back to them as well.
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Olawale Daniel blogs about computer security and internet security tips on his technology blog where he teaches on Blogging Tips, SEO and Technology as a whole.
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