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How to Send and Receive files via Bluetooth on iPhone,iPod and iPad

How to Send and Receive Files in iPhone, iPod and iPad through Bluetooth

Apple iPhone is my Favorite phone I ever used. Most of the times when i am with my friends,  they used to show me interesting stuffs in their phones like Pictures, Videos or Music. When they interested to send that file to my iPhone, i really disappointed to say “I DON’T HAVE THAT FEATURE”. Not only me all  iPhone owners are really disappointed due to the restriction by sending and receiving files such as PhotosVideosMusic, Etc through Bluetooth. Apple Restricted this due to the security reasons. But Today we have a solution to bypass this issue.  You can able to send to all Mobile Models, Mac and PC. All you need Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before proceeding to this step.
Note: This is only for Jailbroken iDevices.
All you need to install a simple App from Cydia named “AIRBLUE SHARING” which allows you to send and receive file from any Mobile models, MAC and PC through Bluetooth. If you want to send and receive file between iDevices, it will use WIFI transfer to make it faster. It works perfectly.
First you have to Go to Cydia and Search for “AIRBLUE SHARING
Airblue sharing
This Tweak package cost $4.99 in Cydia. Purchase it, Worth for Money.

How to Activate the AirBlue Sharing?

Before Start Receiving, First Activate the Application. Just Go to photos or Music and Send any files. It will ask you to Activate. Click ACTIVATE and it is Done.

How it Works?

After Installing the Tweak, Reboot the Device and its now ready to Receive and Send Files. If you want to Receive Files, Just Double tap on status bar.  AirBlue Sharing will listen for incoming file transfers in 120 seconds.Even You can change the configuration in Settings of AIRBLUE SHARING and You can see Bluetooth option in Photos, Music and Videos in your iPhone. So you can just Choose Bluetoothand Start Sharing with your friends.
Airblue sharing
In iOS 5 and Above all your files will be saved in VAR/MOBILE/AirReceived (can be accessed though iFile). If you are using below iOS 5 it will be saved in respective places like Musics and Videos in iPOD, Images in Photos and Vcard in Contacts.
If you want to check the Process of Trasferring, just Double tap on the Status Bar (Can be Configured under settings) to know the Process.
Check out the Videos:

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