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SMO Tips Social Media Optimization (SMO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Optimization is the process of promoting a site ,business or product through social media channels its all about social networking and interaction to generate advertising to improve the attention of a product. It is a community based website, where you will be facing and dealing with humans.Social Media Optimization is in many ways connected as a technique to viral marketing where customer reviews is created not through family but through the use of socialnetworking in submitting of social bookmarks, movie and photo giving sites. 

1. Create quality content which is important for getting better links and promotion.
4If you have blog than declare that as a Technorati this will create sure you are listed in their search engines for blogs and up-dates.

5. Be a part of areas in social networking sources such as as twitter, Facebook, MySpace,YouTube,Delicious,Yahoo, Reddit, Technorati will help you more to promote your product.

 Social Media Optimization Tips:


Establishing up your website with Facebook is another great way to improve visitor involvement, as well as motivate your visitors to discuss content from your website on Facebook. When your visitors are linked with their Facebook they can easily discuss content, inform their buddies when they keep comments, see which of their buddies have frequented your site and more.


Twitter is a great way to show your friends that your website is in existence. Even if you have not included any new content to your website in some time, Twitter feed can keep your page fresh, as it will be modified whenever you updater your Twitter account.Keep Twitter button option that your friends can simply select for one primary reason, aside from the fact that it delivers new material to your website.Give your audiences to be able to get connected to their own Twitter to share content and about your company or product, without having to keep your website. 
Google Analytics:

Blogging regularly, transformation strategies and good social networking strategies bring traffic and increase your website popularity in search engines.

Sharable Content:

The best way to promote your website is to motivate your visitors to discuss your content on Facebook,Twitter,Digg,Orkut and other social networking websites. Upgrade your site consistently so that there is always new things for your visitors to discuss.


 RSS offer on your web page is also aspect of your group media strategy.

Whether you're making reviews on other people blogs or addressing feedback on your own, experiencing the conversation allows you to position yourself.


Another way to develop stability using social media is to maintain a regular blog. Even if you don't think you have much to talk about, operating a blog keeps you at the top rated of your place.

Top social media sites 

      Facebook:  Facebook that connects people with friends and others who work, analysis and remain around them. 
Twitter : Twitter content is micro blogging service that allows its users to deliver and study text-based content of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". 

Digg:  Digg is a user-driven website where users can bury and comment on stories submitted by other members.The same story can only be published once,don't forget to include the "Digg This" button on your website so customers can easily publish content for you. is a Yahoo-owned bookmarks website.  All links are no follow so you're not getting link really like, but you may get click on throughs and immediate visitors.

YouTubeWell-known video publish website. Lately obtained by Google, so look for YouTube videos to start showing in Google search results.The five websites that bring the most traffic to YouTube get a backlink from the website.

StumbleUponStumbleUpon performs as a discovery website and go with users with websites,images,videos, etc. depending on their passions.


Search engine optimization is the method of helping the visibility of a website in search engines. It  allows search engines find and place your website greater  in results. SEO  allows you get traffic from search engines. 



Search engines execute several actions to provide search results:

Crawling : Is the procedure of getting all the websites linked to a web site. A crawler is a software program that browses the  websites and used to create copy of all frequented websites. This software is known as crawler or spider in case of google it is known as Googlebot.

Indexing: Is the procedure of creating index for all the fetched websites and placing them into a database. The index is stored in index file, in which the search engine will find them.

Processing: The search engine optimization processes when request comes and compares the indexed pages in database.

Relevancy: Search engine determines the relevance of each of the websites in its index to the search sequence.

Retrieving: Search engines recover  the best matched outcomes and  display them in the browser.

Two ways of doing SEO:

1.On-Page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO 

1. On-Page SEO

Is providing excellent content, right keywords,placing keywords on correct places, giving appropriate title to every web page. on-page optimization which covers what can be done on the webpages of the website. On-Page Optimizing can be defined as: factors effect on your web site  that will be listed in the natural search engine optimization search engine webpages.

On-Page SEO Checklist:

  • Keyword selection, testing and research
  • Meta Description tag
  • Internal linking technique
  • H1 tags
  • URL structure
  • ALT tags
  • Keyword density
  • Content
  • Site maps
  • Assume results in 6-12 months

Common mistakes in on page SEO:

  • Duplicate content
  • URL variants
  • Off-site images
  •  Duplicate tags

    On Page Optimizing Factors:

    1. Keyword Research – Keywords are the most important in Seo see that the right keyword is optimized for your web page. Keywords are strings that describe the content of your web site best .Use Google Keyword Suggestion Tool which allows you to type in a word or phrase associated with the subject.
    2. Optimize Keywords in URL –Create sure your URL is optimized for search engines and  fill your website with keywords appropriate to the topic. Create your file names appropriate to the content contained with-in the site .

    3. Optimize Keywords in Title Tag – The title tag  is  most important to increase your search-engine positions for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Search-engines will show the title tag at the top of each product in the listings web page (SERPs). Minimize your title tags to 65 characters.

    4. Optimize Keywords in Description Meta Tag – Optimize every meta description tag on your web site because they are displaying  information that visitors see your site is listed in the search engine results pages.They are essential in increasing user click-through from search engine result pages (SERPs).Note that your  post should not to exceed 160 characters.

    5. Optimize Keywords in Heading Tags h1, h2, h3 tags – Use the header tags to implement importance to subjects on your web page and  consist of keyword words or phrases .The h1 tag should be just like the title tag and  use only one h1 tag for your article, however recurring h2 lower tags are acceptable are appropriate.
    6. Optimize Keywords in Anchor Text –  Anchor-text is linkable terminology that would be involved in your routing to outside resources, and inner linking within your site.Visitors should have easy route to linking webpages from every page of your website will help decrease your jump rate.

    7. Optimize Keyword Density – Keyword Density is number of times your keyword or keyword appears on the site , versus the number of words on the site.

    8. Text Modifiers to Emphasize Your Keywords – Use the BOLD or STRONG tags to emphasize your keyword orkeyword phrase at least once.

    9. Optimize Image ALT tag - Image optimizations are involved in SEO best methods and help in identifying relevance asspiders crawl the site. Name the pictures with dash-separated search phrases, and complete the Alt feature with a short descriptive phrase and dont use same Alt Image tag more than once.

    2. Off-Page SEO 

    Off page SEO  is doing things off site to improve your sitesinternet seo positions. The only thing you can do off site to increase your positions is build up more links. More links will generally lead to better Google PageRank and better internetseo positions This includes link-building, increasing link-building by submitting in open directories, google, exchanging links etc.

    1. Directory Submission 
    2. Social Bookmarking 
    3. Article Submission  
    4. Classifieds Submission 
    5. Blogging 
    6. Forum Postings
    7. Search Engine Submission
    8. Press Release Promotion 
    9. PPC
    10. Answers

    SEO techniques are classified into two broad categories:



    An SEO strategy is considered as White Hat if it follows the followings:

    • If it is in accordance to the search engine rules.
    • If it does not includes any fraud.
    • It guarantees that the content a look for search engine crawls
    • It guarantees that a Web Page content created for the users and not just for the search   engines.
    • It guarantees the high quality of the web pages
    • It guarantees the useful content available on the web pages.


    2. BLACK HAT  SEO:

    • Redirecting users from a web page that is built for search engines to one that is more individual friendly.
    • Serving one edition of a web page to look for website optimization spiders/bots and another edition to human visitors. This is known as Cloaking SEO tactic.
    • Using Hidden or invisible text or with the site background color, using a tiny font size or hiding them within the HTML code such as "no frame" sections.
    •  Repeating keywords in the Meta tags, and using keywords that are unrelated to the site's content. This is known as Meta tag stuffing.
    •  Determined position of keywords and phrases within a web page to raise the search term count, variety, and density of the site. This is known as Keyword stuffing .
    • Developing low-quality websites that contain very little material but are instead stuffed with very identical key material. These webpages are known as Doorway or Gateway Pages.
    • Reflection websites by hosting multiple websites all with conceptually identical content but using different URLs.
    •  Developing a fake copy of a popular web site which shows material just like the original to a web spider, but redirects to irrelevant or harmful web websites. This is known as Page hijacking.

    SEO Major Benefits:
    SEO can improve the variety of visitors who search for your products or services .
    • To research important activities of search engine optimization can make your website more available to all users.
    •  You can focus on users who are looking for items which are exactly relevant to your company and improve brand credit and identification.
    • Writing content which are carefully relevant to your product becomes to improve public protection.
    • To achieve your company's objectives SEO is necessary if you are doing internet business.

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