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Ten Simple Steps To Quit Smoking

The internet is full of information on how to stop smoking and you really do not know what to read, what to adopt and what all to quit!!! Without getting into any blah-blah, let us get on to ten simple steps to quit smoking without any expensive treatment:

Step 1: You can begin with a basic idea about quit smoking by understanding why you smoke. Removing this cause makes you to win the battle in a major way! You can checkout some health benefits of quit smoking and simultaneously, compare to the hazards or bad effects of fagging. This can make up your mind to get rid of smoking.

Step 2: Set yourself a target, the day and date of quitting. Try to set that goal. This can make your conscious a challenge to accept this great task and your mind constantly motivate you about stop smoking. Get some huge wall calendar and start marking the dates! This will give you a ‘visible boost’ to quit smoking.

Step 3: You can certainly take advices. Find some authentic/registered practitioner or a health care provider for this troublesome (though possible) task! Explore some magazines, websites (of your local area), newspapers in order to find some health care center or some medical expert who has worked on many stop smoking campaigns and has designed many such programs.

Step 4: Be among those who do not have any addiction, especially smoking! Alternatively, you can find some partners who are addicted but sail in same boat that you are sailing in! Means to say that get some friends/buddies who are smoking and also trying to quit smoking like you! This will boost your confidence and your brain will have company to accomplish the task/target you have set (remember, the date is very near!)

Step 5: Spread your family and friends about your target/goal and ultimate intention! Do not hesitate to ask their supports. To quit smoking may require a great help that you can avail from your friends, relatives, spouse and even your colleagues! This help is very useful especially when you are feeling some withdrawal symptoms.

Step 6: You can certainly go for some holistic exercise program such as pranayamas, yogasanas. Join some yoga classes that also teach meditation. Meditation and such holistic exercises are said to be useful quitting smoking.

Step 7: Understand the triggering factors and kick them off! The main culprits include distress, the end of a meal, reading newspaper/magazine, having liquor etc. Avoid all these till you are confident about smoking cessation.

Step 8: Indulge yourself in some work the moment you find a hint of craving/urge to get a cigarette. Find the best activity you love the most; say playing video game or just your favorite solitaire! There is nothing wrong in this as instead of that smoking break; you are spending a healthy time on those innocent and harmless games!

Step 9: Never fill up your mind with negative thoughts! You can do it and again, look at that calendar waiting for you!

Step 10: Throughout the program, remain positive, optimistic.

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