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Twitter for Start ups

Twitter has grown tremendously over the past year. For Start up, it offers an incredible marketing platform. If you haven’t signed up on Twitter yet, you should sign up today, an account in the name of your business. It is quick and simple, takes few minutes and you are set to tweet. While you might tweet in your own name, you’ll want to have the option to tweet from a business account. More importantly, you don’t want your competitors to register your business name that would be a terrible thing to happen. Twitter has put together a simple guide to help you understand what Twitter can do for business (Will write more about it in the next post)
Once you have an account, you should spend 15-30 minutes on Twitter’s homepage, doing basic searches to become familiar with the service available..You should also search for the names of your competitors to see whether they’re on Twitter and if they are, how they’re using it. Once you become comfortable with the content that’s already available and how your competitors are using Twitter, you can begin thinking about a strategy for how you’ll leverage Twitter for your business. Please do have a strategy, it takes little time to get a hang of it, put your marketing team to work it out for you. Else look for Social Media Specialists who can help you. Try might add some value.
To truly leverage Twitter, you’ll want to learn and use a few more advanced tools. This includes desktop and mobile Twitter clients like TweetDeck, Seesmic, and Tweetie. Desktop clients give you more flexibility and more control over your Twitter strategy than you’ll have on the Twitter website. Among other things, you’ll be able to pre-define searches so that you can monitor certain keywords, including your business name and group people.

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