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Amazing Slider Widget For Blogger From BloggerCodes

Hello Friends I recently changed my blog look and I got a huge positive feedback for this wonderful new look.So I decided to share all the widgets,scripting and coding that I have done to bring such a cool look to my blog.
Though I may not be sharing my template with you as of now but I will be sharing a content slider widget at the top of the blog with Thumbnails and Post summary.

The following screenshot shows how the slider looks.

Is it necessary to have a Slider for a Blog?
Absolutely not.It is not at all necessary to have a content slider for your blog but a slider may help your blog in many ways.Keep reading to know how?

What are the Advantages Of Content Slider:

1.Gives a good look to the blog:-
A Blog look and design are always very important points to keep in mind.A pleasant and easily navigable blog will attract more visitors and decreases the bounce rate.

2.You can keep your best posts alive:-
A blog is regularly updated with new posts.So the older posts goes down and after few days they disappear in your blog middle pages.All the posts may not have same potential .Some posts are very precious and can bring large number of visitors to your blog.So you can keep such posts alive on your blog forever with this slider.

3.Increases Page views and Time spent on your blog:
If you put some interesting posts in your slider then you can keep your visitors busy in reading those articles thereby increasing your page views and time spent on your blog.

Advantages of ATB Slider Over Other Sliders:
I know that there are many sliders for giving an attractive look to your blog but they are of no use in case if you want to increase your page views.Visitors rarely click those images in sliders.I can say this from my personal experience.I used many sliders like image sliders,content sliders and sliders with both images and content.But visitors very rarely click those images.After using this slider I managed to keep visitors for a average time of 5 minutes on my blog. I strongly recommend you to switch to this slider as soon as possible.So lets get started keep reading.

Download the following files:
3.Slider Content.

Steps For Installing Amazing Slider Widget:

Step 1:
Back up your template.

Step 2:
Then go to Design then click Edit HTML.Now press Ctrl+F and find for "]]></b:skin>"Now copy the code in Stylesheet and place just before"]]></b:skin>"

Step 3:
Next copy Javascript and paste the script  before </head>.

Step 4:
Now search for   <div id='content-wrapper'>Copy and paste the slider content code either above or below <div id='content-wrapper'>.

Step 5:
Change the http://your-post-link1,2,3,4,5 with your links to your blog post.Change the http://your-image-link1,2,3,4,5 with your post image link.and change the Post content summary and post title with your post title and summary.

If you have any difficulty in installing this widget feel free to comment.I will help you for sure.
Those who have installed this widget please share your experience via comments.

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