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Become a Trusted Authority with Content Marketing !

Four ways to engage and inform your blog audience

When you look at all the millions and millions of top ranking websites and blogs online do you ever wonder what makes some rank better than others? And what can you do to make Google consider your business blog a so called “authority” in your industry?
Regardless of if you run a hobby blog, a small business blog, or a corporate blog…the importance of leveraging content marketing to build your brand online is paramount. And as far as the competition goes, Google doesn’t care if your blog is backed by a huge media outlet or a one-man business. I tell this to clients all the time when doing SEO: when it comes to content marketing anyone can establish themselves and their blog as trusted authority online as long as they follow these blogging tips…

1. Be unique
In a world where the same old WordPress blog appears over and over again with the same old marketing speak content—the search engines and your potential customers are looking for something different. So instead of providing the same old information that everyone else is providing, aim to get more traffic by offering free, useful information within your industry—for instance, if you’re a home-based accountant offer tips for doing your own taxes online or something of that nature. Why—because if you stick to the status quo, you can only expect average results and traffic. But if you actually tailor your blog content to a very specific audience with very specific needs—and seek to satisfy those needs—you will see excellent traffic results and increased business.
2. Be consistent
Consistency is very important when it comes to blogging. Think of it this way, if your readership comes to expect a new blog post from you every week and you don’t deliver, it reflects poorly on your business and your brand. Suddenly you can’t be depended on. Blogging takes some serious hard work to research your niche market, find topics to engage and interest your audience, and develop a voice and personality that your audience can trust and like. However, part of earning trust from your readership is showing them you are dependable and you stick to your word. So if you say you’ll blog every week…write a new blog post every week.
3. Be human
One fact that keeps coming up in all of the internet research I do is that people (meaning your organic traffic) like to buy products and services from a likable personality—regardless of if they ever meet you in person. Think of it this way…if you were ordering a cookbook online, would you rather buy from a large corporate store (like Amazon) or the actual chef who created the recipes if the book were the same price at either location? I would personally rather buy it from the creator as many others would as well. So one way to gain trust from your online audience (and potential customers) is to develop a likable, human voice via your blog—one that your audience can relate to and actually want to engage with.
4. Be conversational
No one likes a sales pitch—especially when their reading a blog post. It’s not only the fastest way to turn off a potential customer, it also strips you of any sort of personality (as we discussed above). Instead, try communicating with your audience like you would a business colleague or even a trusted friend. Share some personal stories that will inform yet entertain your audience, and communicate your expertise in an engaging, friendly way.

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