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How To add Read More Link In Feedburner Feeds?

read more link in feedburnerWhether you call it "Read More Link" or "continue Reading Link" or "Jump Break" orExcerpts (teasers), they all refer to the link or button that displays only a small portion of the post on homepage. The visitor can see full post only when he clicks this link or button. Some of you are still confused on how to add a "read more link" inside your RSS Feeds. You have seen this link in MBT's email feeds and RSS Feeds. some of you even asked how to format the intro image and opening paragraph so that it may display perfectly in feeds. In todays tutorials we will learn how to make things clean.

What Causes the Read More To Appear?

Its called the more Tag, which is a simple HTML tag that tells the browser to display the post only till the read more tag and hide the remaining part. Its structured as follows:
If you wish to add a read more link after the starting paragraph or some specific number of characters then you just need to add the more Tag at that point inside your Blog post editor.
Tip: In Windows Live Writer you can insert this tag by clicking on Insert > Split Post option. In Blogger you can insert it by clicking the "Insert Jump Link" Icon as shown below:
jump break in blogger
The reason why read more link does not display in many feeds is because some bloggers use automatic read more scripts or plugins. You should avoid summarizing the posts automatically. The disadvantage is that the intro image gets auto resized which badly effects its quality and the read more link appears after selected number of characters, which means whether the sentence completes or not, post will be chopped and this is not a wise thing to do.
Therefore you should always add <!--more-->  anywhere inside your post editor where you want the read More link to appear.
Blogger has now added read more functionality in all templates by default and its called "Jump break". I don't use it because I prefer the custom script I use on my blog. If you wish to customize the read more link and add exciting effects to it then you remove the jump break provided by blogger and use the custom one. Read this tutorial:

Add Read More To Feeds

Most of you use the "Summary Burner" option given inside your Feedburner accounts. The summary burner adds a teaser link along with some text after specific number of characters in all your posts. This again acts like an automatic read more script so you should avoid adding read more using Summary Burner tool.
The simplest and easiest way to add read more to both Email and RSS Feeds is through Blogger Dashboard settings. Do this:
  1. Go To Blogger > Settings > Site Feed
  2. Set "Allow blog Feeds" to "Untill Jump Break"
readmore to feeds
    3.  Save your settings and you are all done

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