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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The biggest problem for a webmaster is to create a site being guided by incorrect info. A old saying my boss used to quote to me comes into mind when thinking about this issue. "Listen to what comes out the horses head and not its rear" (context slightly changed) If you have ever heard this saying then you understand it meaning.

Google is the horses head and these sites that you read on "Search Engine Optimizing" are the rear. Why would you listen to the rear knowing what comes out of it. (excuse my terminology) These sites are nothing but second rate sites with watered down information and directions.

Have you ever played the game called "Telephone"? This is quite a common game played in elementary school where you pass a message from one person to the next by whispering.  The point of this game is to see how different the ending message is after being passed down through many people. All it takes is for one person to misinterpret the message and that leading to everyone else getting the wrong messages. 

Do not listen to sites that are not written or referred by Google themselves on "Search Engine Optimizing" tactics.  Don't take the chance at putting your site at risk due to second rate information.

Instead of me giving you "Search Engine Optimizing" tips, I will instead give you direct links to guidelines provided by Google.  Hopefully this will clear up any of those who have been misguided.

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