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Tips to Lose Weight After Delivery

Weight loss after delivery is a matter of concern for most women. Post delivery weight loss should be a gradual process and done under the guidance of a fitness expert. Healthy eating combined with physical activity aids in gradual and permanent weight loss. For more information on how to lose weight after delivery, read on.

It is natural for women to put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. After delivery most are in a hurry to shed the extra weight. Experts opine that although it is a welcome idea to lose weight, but it is also important to keep in mind that the weight loss program is a radical one.

Crash diets or overexertion are never approved by physicians, dieticians or fitness experts. Weight loss post delivery is definitely possible but is a gradual process. One needs to concentrate on consuming healthy food and involve a fair amount of physical activity in daily life.

The Ideal Weight Loss Plan

Post delivery weight loss ought to be a healthy process. According to fitness experts, the amount lost should be around 0.5 kg to 0.75 kg per week. Based on this ratio, if anyone plans to lose a pound of weight within a week, a deficit of 500 calories per day needs to be created. This can be achieved either through diet or physical activity. It is understandable that creating a deficit of 500 calories daily is an extremely difficult task. It is only a proper weight loss plan that can aid in post delivery weight loss in a healthy manner.

Essential Tips for Weight Loss

Here are some tips for losing weight loss after delivery.

Breastfeeding – After delivery one of the most effective and necessary tip towards weight loss is breastfeeding your baby. It is not only an essential requirement for your baby, but it helps in gradual weight loss for the mother as well. The baby receives all its essential nutrients from the breast milk. Now all these nutrients are derived from the mother’s body. This likewise enhances the calorie expenditure, thereby bringing about effortless weight loss.

Pay Attention to Your Diet – During the pregnancy, you are almost free to eat much to your heart’s content. This gives rise to a habit of comfort eating whenever you feel like and the amount or helpings are also not seriously considered. But when you are looking forward to lose weight post delivery, this should become a habit of the past.

Focus on a balanced diet with adequate amount of protein, fibers, carbs and essential fats. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. Also have low-fat dairy products like low-fat cheese, skimmed milk and light yoghurt along with lean cuts of meat. Avoid temptation and junk food. You should remember to always snack on fruit pieces and nuts and always go for smaller portions.

Exercise – Post delivery, remember that controlled diet and breastfeeding will always render effective and permanent results when you combine regular exercise regimen with it. As you slowly regain your strength, consult and seek the advice of a qualified fitness expert on how to go about losing your weight in a healthy manner.

The duration, intensity of the exercises will all depend on your stamina and physical condition post delivery. Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy diet and go for a customised exercise plan and take care not to over exert your body as it is still recuperating from the wear and tear of childbirth.  

At the end of it take note that weight loss after delivery is a gradual process and should never be hurried with crash diets or intense physical activity. Always devise your weight loss plan after due consultation with your doctor and take the advice of an expert fitness instructor. The entire episode of motherhood should be an enjoyable one.

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