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Ways to attract your audiences v1

Do you think it is very difficult to attract your audiences on your website. You don't need to answer this because your website traffic can reflect the actual situations.

Headline:You need to use headlines to draw your readers' attentions. In order to encourage readers to read your articles, you must consider the meaning, color, font size and grammar of your headlines.

For example, your headline can not be too small, otherwise, it looks not important and probably readers may skip your articles or posts. On the other hand, you should use a simple meaning for your headline in order to make all people understand your headlines. By doing this, different levels or readers are more willing to read your articles in detail.

Photo:A photo or video helps draw readers' eyes and get people to engage. An effective image to attach into your posts or articles are much more attractive for many readers because people always like to see graphics instead of reading a lot of boring text.

If possible, you can put one or two meaningful images in your articles or posts to illustrate what your article is about. However, it is not a good idea to put too many images in articles because it may distract readers' attention to continue to read your articles in detail.

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