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Ways to attract your audiences v2

Flash objects
Flash objects putting on the web pages are good looking but you may need to think about the situations.
If you make everything in flash objects, your website is hard to draw your readers' attention on your posts or articles and they may easily click away. For example, if you want to introduce some products on your website and make several separate flash objects to present on one page, it may not a good idea to use several flash objects to put on one web page. By doing this, it not only increases the burden of the network traffic but also rises the loading time of the clients' browsers. One of the solutions is that you may create a slideshow and use one slide to present a product. That means you can put several slides into a slideshow. It keeps your website simple and achieve the purpose of fast loading time. Flash objects can be applied to your websites, but the number of flash objects should be restricted.

Interesting and Useful Topics
Readers are willing to stay on your blogs only if you give them interesting and useful information. Selecting a topic to write is very important. You need to do some works before starting your writing. Some preparations such as finding out which topics you are interested to write, what kinds of knowledge you can share and what topics your readers like to read should be considered before you start. If your readers feel bored, they likely go away. Therefore, please take the above information into your account when you start to write your posts or articles.

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