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What Types of Link Building Strategies Provide SEO Results?

Link building is how you gain credibility and recognition on search engines. Most webmasters only engage in something called “white hat” link building which is where you gain links from quality, high authority websites without spamming the Internet. White hat link building is the only trusted type of online marketing that is recognized by search engines like Google and approved. Google and other search engines want to see you publishing high-quality content on the web. They favor white hat link building because it means that you need to write quality copy for every website that you get a link published on. There are many different varieties of linkbuilding and different strategies that go along with obtaining links on these sites. Here are some common but highly effective ways to get links for your website:

Guest posting

Guest posting is the most difficult form of link building but it is also the highest quality. Every guest post that you write for another website, you have to put a considerable amount of time into the thought and publishing of your writing. Guest posts are a direct representation of your brand and they speak to the professionalism of your company. You want to only publish high-quality guest posts that represent your products or services accurately. In order to guest post, you have to locate niche related blogs in your industry and ask them to publish an article on their website.

Mini-Blogs and Web 2.0 Properties

By creating a blog that represents your website on web 2.0 properties like,, and other websites, you can publish high quality and unique contentwith a link back to your site. These websites have very high page rank and are valued tremendously by search engines. If you continuously publish high-quality content on these sites these links will undoubtedly benefit your search engine rankings.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to announce something new and exciting at your business. By writing a high quality press release and submitting it to press release distribution websites, you can get your press release syndicated to hundreds of sites on the web. These press release sites are valued fairly highly by search engines but most importantly, they are easy to obtain links on since the news is naturally syndicated to other locations.

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarks obtained from sites like speak to the social presence of your website. Google values these sites very highly because it shows how engaged other people are in your content and how valued it is by users on the web.

Article Directories

Article directories are filled with hundreds of thousands of articles that webmasters have written in order to obtain links from their website. In order to stand out on these directories, you need to publish high quality and unique content. For every article that you write, you can publish it on a variety of different directories in order to obtain more links for your site.

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