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Cancer Patient Marries His Childhood Love Of 50 Years From Hospital Bed

It was a unique wedding ceremony with every arrangement except one. The venue was not a church or any other villa. It was a hospital ward. But happiness was unlimited. 69-year-old Arthur Holland is extremely happy as he finally won his childhood love after the very long fifty years. 64-year-old Val Cowen is also as happy as Arthur. But, the story of these love birds is quite strange, heartbreaking and remarkable. Val was 15-year-old when Arthur met her. They fell ‘head over heels’ for each other since then. But unfortunately like many other teens, they could not bear each other and separated after nine months of relationship. Later Val married a guy and had two kids while Arthur worked as steel erector and traveled different countries before settling in Canada.  And after a decade they both happened to return to their original place Northumberland. They didn’t know they were living a few streets away. One day, they encountered and were shocked to see each other all of sudden after so long. And beautifully, their love for each other ignited once again. But Val was left disturbing when she heard Artur was diagnosed with bowel cancer few years back. She got to know Arthur has only few months to live so thought of fulfilling his life long wish and decided to marry him. He also felt fortunate to find his dream becoming true. And after the sudden planning, they both tied their knot by a hospital bed where Arthur is kept under medical supervision.

Cancer Patient Marries His Childhood Love Of 50 Years From Hospital Bed

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